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Johnson-Thomas Medical Training Center was founded by Dr. Alicia J. Thomas and licensed by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education on December 23, 2019. JTMTC officially opened it's doors on January 12, 2020 by Nurse Thomas and her family. She chose that date in honor of her beloved mother, the late, Mrs. Darlene Johnson.

The core philosophy of Johnson-Thomas Medical Training Center is based on student-centered learning in an engaging and innovative learning environment. We believe in using the traditional pillars and values of healthcare to instill strong core values in our students. Dr. Thomas's passion and love for nursing, along with her love for sharing her knowledge of nursing are qualities that helps her students to thrive in the classroom. 

Since our opening, we’ve been committed to improving and the vision of JTMTC has continued to grow. The curriculum has since expanded and JTMTC is now licensed to offer EKG Technician, Phlebotomy, and Medical Assistant training in addition to Nurse Aide Training. 

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